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confessions confess me your sin
Publicado en:27 Enero 2020 8:13 pm
Última actualización en:31 Marzo 2020 9:07 am
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I love showing off my sensual stormy eyes and nice body! I'm imagining you entering me. I'm going to suck your nectar until you're dry. Mmm I'm such a dirty girl.

Let's do this again. Come back soon!
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Sexting and orgasming
Publicado en:13 Febrero 2020 10:15 pm
Última actualización en:19 Febrero 2020 9:48 pm
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Maria is writing ...
Hi handsome!!!

Mario is writing ...
Beautiful, I've been looking at your picture from all angles

Maria is writing ...
And what do you like most?

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Mario is writing
I like the holes of your cheeks and that red mouth, the most appetizing of all Madrid

Maria is writing ...
Do you like anything else?

Mario is writing ...
I would like to see your entire body without clothes. You are in the office?

Maria is writing ...
Yes. And I have Juan and Sergio from behind.

Mario is writing ...
Show me your feet, you haven't sent me a picture of your fingers !!!!!

Maria is writing ...
Well now I have boots on. 🙁 🙁

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Mario is writing ...
Do you have Mary's painted nails?

Maria is writing ...
Forever. And you? You are working?

Mario is writing ...
Yes, but at home.

Maria is writing ...
I have shown your photo to my office mate.

Mario is writing ...
And what did he say?

Maria is writing ...
That you are nice! Foldable Damn concealer

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Mario is writing ...
Ha ha ha ... You haven't seen me well then

Maria is writing ...
What you leave me, Mario ... 🙂

Mario is writing ...
Let me see your feet!

Maria is writing ...
Now it is impossible. We have an important meeting today and I am not alone

Mario is writing ...
Go to the bathroom and let me smell you in photos

Maria is writing ...
I'm going to escape alone for this time and because I can see that I am like a motorcycle !!!!

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Mario is writing ...
What are these fingers for your neck and entering your mouth?

Around here there is someone who is very happy and could only get off having you close. They will have told you millions of times that you are hyper sexy

Maria is writing ...
As many times as they will have told you, grandullon

Mario is writing ...
What would you do with this shirt?

Maria is writing ...
Remove it from the middle and you would put it in a bathtub of those that you like so much

Mario is writing ...
How is it going?

Maria is writing ...
Hahaha ... what a life you give yourself. What will you do in that bathtub by yourself?

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Mario is writing ...
Recreate me thinking about you, seeing your feet and the holes of your ... face

Maria is writing ...
Be careful and you drop your phone. I let you see my panties today?

Mario is writing ...
Let me guess ... they are blue

Maria is writing ...
Do not…

Mario is writing ...

Maria is writing ...
As my intentions! Hahaha. I have to go to the meeting, they will start without me !!!!

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Mario is writing ...
Wait five minutes. Take off your panties Maria!

Maria is writing ...
And what do I do without panties in the office?

Mario is writing ...
What do you think we are going to do as soon as you take them off?

Maria is writing ...
Can you send me a picture of what you are doing? They are making me want to accompany you

The art of distance relationships: Skype sex
Skype sex ...
Mario is writing ...
You see? I already knew that you would take off your black panties.

Maria is writing ...
Siiiiiiiiiii. And I'm super wet. After everything you've told me, you bastard. Now call me fast so we can touch each other on time.

Mario's call ...
- Do you know what I would do to you now? I would play with your body, lick your nipples and your breasts, recreate me on all your lips and then introduce every inch of my penis into you.
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